CONTRIBUTING to IBM’s Smarter Planet Concept

Instrumented – Interconnected – Intelligent: that’s what IBM’s Smarter Planet is about. SmartCamps are their way of making it happen.

Well, my 3 innovative software methods certainly need to contribute to that notion!

Hence I recorded a little video, a PowerPoint presentation that authorStream turned into this video and wrote a business plan. I just forgot to mention that I’m involved in an international collaboration that is co-ordinated by CERN, my former employer. With an application for European funding, it covers seven different imaging technologies relating to the diagnosis and therapy of rare cancers.

Here is a previously recorded 2-minute video of PowerPoint slides.

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MIGHT I become a TED Fellow and give the talk of my life for 18 minutes?

TED (conference)

TED (conference) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anybody vaguely interested in computing will have heard about TED talks [Technology, Entertainment, Design].

I recently met a  TED Fellow at a meeting of Women in Technology who said that applications for TED Fellows have opened. And thus I filled in the form. They are looking for people between 21 and 40, but do make exceptions. Let’s assume that my 3d metric software methods will be considered ‘exceptional’. I’ve now described them on a single A4 as well as a 5-page white paper.

Recently I attended a CloudCamp event where I met a developer who introduced me to Data Driven Documents, pointing out the ‘richness’ that my work has to offer instead. I always like Information is Beautiful as well.

I withdrew five patents before publication because an American IP lawyer advised me ‘patents are the game of the big boys – you are better protected by trade secrets.’  My  troubles in bridging the ‘commercialisation gap’ between invention and product, make me wonder:  Continue reading

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85% of 569 business executives and IT leaders report obstacles in managing and analysing data

This is one of the results that Global Survey: The Business Impact of Big Data produced.

It’s not surprising. In the survey’s definition, “Big Data” comprises – in descending order of sources:

  • email
  • Word documents
  • spreadsheets
  • customer databases
  • presentations
  • online portals / corporate sites
  • instant messages
  • social media news feeds
  • other
  • RSS feeds
  • Friend Contact Lists.

For me, there is a big difference between

  • numerical
  • verbal
  • and image data.

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MOBILE Image Explorer – for the Crowd to Fund and become First Time Users

The SME Innovation Alliance (SMEIA) knows full well that neither funding SMEs nor protecting their IP works. But who cares when people are ‘just doing their job’, while waiting for their pension and the finance industry is ‘self-regulating’?

Well, internet entrepreneurs who know the crowd clearly do care. Otherwise, crowdfunding would not have become a new force for the financial establishment to reckon with. Blessed be the web with its social media, once again!

So I’ve finalised my submission, asking for £12,500 to match potential funding by a software development entrepreneur. The product is a “Mobile Image Explorer” – for mobile phones or browsers – and as a general user portal, to demonstrate to companies what the potential is.

Am I speaking the right language for end users? Only their pledges will tell. Will you want to be the first by any chance?

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Data Centre Technologies Academy: a Glimpse into the Future

I could report about every event I’m attending. But who would be interested? Who cares about how I try to sell my IP?

I was excluded from the London Technology Network (LNTN) because one could not possibly be interested in all the different kinds of events that I had registered for… Now the LNTN has become victim of ‘austerity cuts’ – that are, of course, perfectly unnecessary, unless one follows one’s paymaster… But that’s another of my areas of research.

In my ‘naive’, i.e. as yet uninformed ideas about data centres, I wanted to see whether they might be interested in offering my web services to their clients who store their ‘big data’ with them.

Funnily enough, I spoke to somebody from the company who stores data for CERN! One day, they will use my software and all my troubles with my former employer will be forgiven!…

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More success with crowdfunding than the Technology Strategy Board?

My frustration with the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has boiled over after attending the last workshop: sooo much effort for so many people and eventually 10 projects may get £60,000…

While I have my application for a Mobile Image Explorer sitting on the desks of their ‘independent’ assessors, I have therefore studied the crowd funding scene. There are supposed to be 44 platforms in the UK according to the global site that comprises more than 1,800 crowd funders and publishes good industry reports.

This UK directory lists 16 sites with good details.

I wrote Mobile Image Explorer as a project for but have yet to define the rewards for supporting me. Back to the software developer, before you can support me.


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Say it in ‘pitch language’: let’s seek the Light behind the Cloud – with “Software Lenses”

Last week I enjoyed participating in Computing and the Cloud – a day of brainstorming – so that Knowledge Transfer Networks justify their existence, by picking our brains to pass on an overview to those who sit nearer to the honeypot.

This is exactly opposite to the talk I enjoyed last night at Political Innovation, where ENGAGEMENT was the key word, besides LISTENING, when we talked about Policymaking in the Cloud.

On the first occasion, I met The Islington Twins who encouraged me to make a pitch about my innovation and I said something like:

Hello, I’d like you to fast forward to 1-2 years, when you take your favourite online device for looking through my “software lenses”. You’ll choose:

    • an objective for
      • selecting images, complex data or time series
    • a focus to choose the scale
      • nano and below, human or astronomical.

And then you pick a domain from a drop-down menu and begin to vary the parameters with which to examine in more detail what you are already familiar with.

Only you know the significance of the quantifications that my software will offer you.

Only you will be able to name the quality that now becomes a ‘measuring unit’ with quantifications.

But not only you will benefit from your experience: by feeding your familiarity into the system, others who are less skilled can learn from this new ‘smart web portal’ later.

See you in the cloud!

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