SMART Knowledge Portals as New Instruments of Investigation – for lifelong learning and education

Cover of "An Intimate History of Humanity...

Cover of An Intimate History of Humanity

Why is it so rare for me to be understood and believed? Why do more people like my poetry than the potential of my software? When will my idea of Smart Knowledge Portals see the light of day?

In a nutshell, Smart Knowledge Portals (here in 14 slides) are what Alexander von Humboldt described as a new instrument of investigation:

Humboldt had a horror of the single fact, believing that  in order to explore any one thing, one needs to approach it from all sides… Every discovery opens up the imagination further, stimulating more discovery:
it enlarges the sphere of ideas, excites a taste for investigation, while the creation of new instruments of observation increases the intelligence.”

  Theodore Zeldin, An Intimate History of Humanity, London 1994 Continue reading

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GOOD NEWS: Winning an iPad and Coaching @ IBM

Who would have thought that CyberHeaven has a gift for me?
Well, I got the phone call, when I was in Germany:

You’ve won an iPad to celebrate 30 years of Conferencing by the Management Forum

An email confirmed it and the package was delivered on the day I specified! The only ‘price’:  a photo of me and the iPad!

As I’m over the moon about this surprise gift, I decided to make this blog post as well.

After all, I have more good news: Friday @ South Bank was a treat again:-

  1. the morning with a small group of Global Entrepreneurs who wanted to learn about making ‘compelling value propositions
  2. the afternoon as part of CEO-CF – an interesting Collaborative Forum (CF) very able to help CEOs by mutually empowering each other.

And thus I continue to count my blessings, despite all the odds, e.g. one of my three latest funding applications was refused. But, as my mum said to me in one of my darkest moments:

what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

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INSTEAD of PROSE: Software-Aided Thinking finds many Expressions

I’ve been practising ‘software-aided thinking’, ever since I began to write Word  ‘tables’ such as this one:

Dialectical Single-Disciplinary Thinking

Merging Domains of Thought

Number Theory









Linear Measuring


Chemistry, Technology
Nuclear- and Astro-Physics

3D Cybernetic Inter-Disciplinary Thinking

Number Theory




Foundation for
3D Metrology





3D Cybernetics

Cybernetic Numbers






Cybernetic Mathematics

Cybernetic Measures


macro- and micro-cosmic Dimensions


Cybernetic Sciences

Continue reading

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WOMEN in DATA @ the ODI: Big Brother is still watching but…

Image representing Meetup as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Women in Data is one of the many Meetup groups I joined. Their first event took place at the Open Data Institute with two magnificent presentations:

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IRONS in the Funding Fire – the Constant Process of Refinement and Wonderment

13 01 28 InnocentiveInnocentive is an interesting platform that brings together problem seekers with problem solvers.

I’m currently working on the challenge presented by NASA: to measure intracranial pressure on ground and in flight. Hence I am suggesting to use my software to compare and evaluate the three imaging and five other technologies they are using to collect data.

Thanks to the many meetings I go to without reporting here, I have also met Simon Dixon who founded Bank To The Future – of which he proudly says that it is run the way that people THINK banks are run! My long standing social life with meaning KNOWS about that!

My wonderment always comes from the different bases of ‘logic’ in the scientific / academic and the entrepreneurial / investment mindset. This company proudly suggests it’s only worth making money out of other people and their efforts, once they have already made a million… Continue reading

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I’VE TURNED the Mathematical Curse of Dimensionality into the Software Solution of Layering Complex Data

When I started my odyssey of ‘re-visiting mathematics through the eyes of a mature programmer’, I used Microsoft Encarta as a reference library. It did not contain the words ‘dimensional’ or ‘dimensionality’.

Wikipedia, however, which has given us an unsurpassed library with access to globalised knowledge told me this morning about the Curse of Dimensionality!

I shall now think about a video that mentions the various mathematical insights that flow from dissolving this ‘curse’ and turning it into the blessing of layering complex data.

A ‘side product’ is the re-visualisation of images and the resulting automation of image processing.

But as a patent agent told me already in 1997, theories can’t be patented; I must create vendible products.

I keep having to ask myself: what on earth will attract the funding necessary to program the next step towards Smart Knowledge Portals as ‘marketable products’?

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LET’S SPEAK Business Language

What a ‘valley of death’ or ‘cultural gap’ between the academic and the business world!

And thus I tried to say it in business speak on this site.

I guess the Universe wants me to do more in my social life with meaning before science can catch up with my professional life with zest.

However, I did also attend a women only course on Open Source Software and prepare myself for more coding – just in case…

And, today I met Prof. Philip Treleaven at UCL who practises ‘academic entrepreneurship’. So there’s hope!


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