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2D Images as Objects in ‘visual and metric 3D’: our Smart Knowledge Engine in Action

For the moment, we re-visualised images above and beyond what our previous prototype produced. The significance is pretty fundamental, in terms of #DeepThinking about time, space and measuring. At CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research in Geneva, where I … Continue reading

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With #3DMetrics #3dM to Driving a #SmartKnowledge Engine behind Open Data Portals

I’ve ignored this blog for a long time, as I updated Now I’ve got a team with whom to put my prototype software online and a whole re-configuration of deep thinking and web rationalisation is taking place. As a … Continue reading

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IDENTIFYING and Counting Cancer Cells with my Theory => Code rather than Volunteers

The magic of networking was working again: it took the invitation to ┬ácelebrate 50 years of computing @ CERN to discover this Cancer Research UK project: computer volunteers are invited to identify and count cancer cells. My Technical Expert Nelson … Continue reading

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MOBILE Image Explorer – for the Crowd to Fund and become First Time Users

The SME Innovation Alliance (SMEIA) knows full well that neither funding SMEs nor protecting their IP works. But who cares when people are ‘just doing their job’, while waiting for their pension and the finance industry is ‘self-regulating’? Well, internet … Continue reading

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Into the light, I command thee

“Into the light, I command thee” is a quote from the movie Constantine (2005). This photo was taken of bulrushes in water. The water surface breaks the light and thus changes the angle of the stems for our eye. Our … Continue reading

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Towards the Fourth Paradigm

A Deluge of Data Shapes a New Era in Computing This is the title of an article in the New York Times. It describes admirably the ‘problem’ that my software methods can help to ‘solve’. The article is actually the … Continue reading

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Competing for funding innovation

Is it getting more exciting or more boring as I fill in yet a few more forms thinking along other people’s templates? I’ve submitted my application to the MoD’s call on Automated Imagery Exploitation: An Innovative Approach to Automating Image … Continue reading

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English and German Galleries of re-visualizations

Progress of my work always takes place either via my own insights into the use of my prototype software, or via turning more of my software concepts into functional code. contains some 120 original images with their “3dm re-visualizations” … Continue reading

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The new banner

The 3D Metrics logo expresses dynamic and harmonic movement in 3D space. The new site links to my web presence across my ‘professional life with zest’, ‘social life with meaning’ and personal accounts. Software for Seeing What You Want … Continue reading

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The Terahertz radiation of a hand

I found this terahertz image of a hand on the website of Vision Systems – also thanks to Google images. The instrument that produced it is called the StarTiger imager.

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