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IDENTIFYING and Counting Cancer Cells with my Theory => Code rather than Volunteers

The magic of networking was working again: it took the invitation to ¬†celebrate 50 years of computing @ CERN to discover this Cancer Research UK project: computer volunteers are invited to identify and count cancer cells. My Technical Expert Nelson … Continue reading

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WE SHOULD all be Eternal Start-Ups: IC Tomorrow at NESTA – for competition finalists in Education

Yesterday I saw 12 finalists competing for ¬£40K of ICTomorrow at NESTA. I had ‘failed’ and wanted to learn what the potential winners had to offer. When I introduced myself as an ‘eternal Start-Up’ to another of the very few … Continue reading

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MOBILE Image Explorer – for the Crowd to Fund and become First Time Users

The SME Innovation Alliance (SMEIA) knows full well that neither funding SMEs nor protecting their IP works. But who cares when people are ‘just doing their job’, while waiting for their pension and the finance industry is ‘self-regulating’? Well, internet … Continue reading

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More success with crowdfunding than the Technology Strategy Board?

My frustration with the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has boiled over after attending the last workshop: sooo much effort for so many people and eventually 10 projects may get ¬£60,000… While I have my application for a Mobile Image Explorer … Continue reading

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Competing for funding innovation

Is it getting more exciting or more boring as I fill in yet a few more forms thinking along other people’s templates? I’ve submitted my application to the MoD’s call on Automated Imagery Exploitation: An Innovative Approach to Automating Image … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap…

… between what they say and what they achieve! It is really sad to watch Dr Alan Hooper, the Lead Technologist of the Technology Strategy Board give a great presentation on what “UK plc” needs in terms of funding and … Continue reading

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Public cash has to lead the way on start-up funding

Anybody who has tried to get start-up funding will know how much time is wasted and how ‘efficiency’ seems to be an unknown word. Here is an article that, if heard, would make a genuine difference – especially, for example, … Continue reading

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